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Tongqing Zhou

周同庆博士 -- 美国国立卫生研究院传染病与过敏研究所疫苗研究中心结构生物信息学实验室主任,Senior Staff Scientist。1989年毕业于武汉大学生物化学专业,1994年毕业于中国科学院动物研究所细胞生物学专业,获得博士学位,1995年至2001年,在美国Wayne State University大学医学院做博士后研究,并获得电子和计算机控制系统的硕士学位,2001年加入美国国立卫生研究院。

长期致力于艾滋,呼吸道合胞,流感,MERS等病毒及其抗体的结构生物学研究,是结构疫苗学研究的重要推动人,是人源抗体筛选,优化及疫苗设计国际知名专家。在学术期刊上发表SCI论文70多篇,作为(共同)第一作者在Nature,Science和Cell发表10篇,作为参与作者发表在Nature,Science和Cell 九篇,有超过20篇论文他引超100次,总他引超过10000次, H-index 46,是2014,2015,2017和2018年微生物学领域Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics高被引用科学家。是多项美国/国际专利的共同发明人,其中有艾滋抗体已获专利转让,人源抗艾滋VRC01和VRC07抗体已进入临床试验阶段,人类呼吸道合胞病毒疫苗被Science杂志评为2013年度十大科技突破,已被多家制药企业申请授权。参与/主持多项NIH院内拨款和盖茨基金会资助的近二千万美元项目。

Dr. Tongqing Zhou is Chief and Senior Staff Scientist at the Structural Bioinformatics Section, Vaccine Research Center, NIAID, NIH. His research is mainly focused on structural basis of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies, antibody ontogeny that guide the development of broadly neutralizing antibodies, and structure-based design and testing of novel vaccines for HIV. Recently, Dr. Zhou’s research also expanded into other infectious diseases, such as RSV, Influenza, Zika, MERS and HCMV. Dr. Zhou has published more than 70 peer-reviewed research papers, including 19 in Nature, Science and Cell.  He is a Clarivate Analytics (Thompson Reuters) Highly Cited Researcher in Microbiology in 2014, 2015,2017 and 2018. Dr. Zhou is co-inventor of several patents on potential HIV, RSV and HPIV vaccines and therapeutic antibodies, of which broadly neutralizing antibody N6 has been exclusively licensed, another antibody, VRC01, is in phase 2b trial. Dr. Zhou received B.S. in Biochemistry from Wuhan University, China, in 1989 and Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994. Before joining the VRC in September 2001, Dr. Zhou was a postdoctoral research associate at Wayne State University School of Medicine, where he obtained his x-ray crystallography training and M. S. in Electrical and Computer Controlled Systems.